Your Girl Behind the Lens

Okay so here is the deets on me...I'm your 4 foot 11, super energetic and vivacious photographer! You will find me photographing in my 2-3 inch wedges or platform shoes, climbing tree or my stepping stool. Photography is my creative outlet, because I am also a ICU nurse. And with that, photography had allowed me to be stress-free, be creative, be a dreamer, and live my hopelessly romantic ways through the human connection and photographing my clients.

My adventures begins at 7 years old, when my family migrated to the USA and became a nomad. Moving from coast to coast, and lived in 4 different states had made me a professional mover, packer, and traveler. Stemming from this, I love the life of traveling, creating magical adventures and memories. In my early years of college, I was very obsess with the glamorous and fun photo shoots from America's Next Top Model, and that was when I picked up my very first camera, Nikon D40. I would travel all over SoCal to explore and scout locations with my guinea pigs/ so-call models; Dad and sister..and that was where my photography adventure begins.

I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida with my soulmate, Bao, and my two handsome furbabies, Loki and Lucas. My husband and I love to take our pups to local parks, and our goal is to take my pups all over the USA to create beautiful and loving memories with them and because we are also WANDERLUSTERS!







Traveling and learning of different cultures and seeing beautiful historic sites never fails to amaze me!

Crushing on beautiful items from product packaging to flowers, decorations, make-up and many more!

I can't eat a lot at once, but I can eat a whole lot! I love to learn to make new food, and whenever I travel its a must to take local cooking class!

I stand by this ...

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

-a quote by DOROTHEA LANGE

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