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I know you got a story to tell,and I want to help you tell YOUR STORY.

At Lolu L'amore Photography, we proudly serves NorthEast Florida, and SouthEast Georgia and beyond worldwide!

From Portraits to family lifestyle session, to your engagement and wedding photos, we will thrive to capture the images that tell YOUR story, YOUR emotions, and Your moment. 

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Authentic moments 

to capture your 

by your story....


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  fine art 




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because every                 matters.... 

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- CAitlin Mills

"My was able to make me feel so comfortable and had the most creative ideas for shoots! "

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-chau tran

" I hadn’t thought I would have a photo album that makes me smile every time I look at it...until I met My. "

- Esmeralda MUjanic

"My's punctuality, bubbly personality, and professionalism makes her a great photographer to work with."

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